Terry Hodgkinson's Kempo/Kenpo Connection


Sifu Terry Hodgkinson Portrait by Ed Parker Jr.Terry Hodgkinson Sifu's training in the Kempo/Kenpo martial art lineage began at the age of 14 when he joined Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios. Sifu studied under masters Arnold Ihlen and Brian Kevin Leishman. Hodgkinson devoted his time, attention and dedication completely for 12 years to training, teaching and the study of the I - Ching. During those days, Sifu lived a simple life, very monastic in approach. Having enough money from teaching for living expenses only, not allowed to work a second job or train in another art at that time, he was completely devout to his studies.

Early on, Energy Lake studios provided two streams of study: combative and philosophy, and later on business training. Terry studied combative techniques and business training under Brian Leishman whose lineage and formal training is strongly attributed to Grandmaster Olaf Simon and his Moh Pai Kempo Kung Fu aka Simon's 'Temple' Kung Fu System. In the 12 years that Terry spent with Brian Leishman, knowing him as a friend for the last 3 of the 12 years, Brian never mentioned or demonstrated any evidence in training with any other teacher other than Simon's Temple Kung Fu, Edmonton location. He did however have a vast stockpile of martial arts books held in his personal library. Terry Sifu achieved the same rank master Brian Leishman had achieved when he trained with Simon's 'Temple' Kung Fu, before leaving to found Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios in Ontario.

Formal philosophical training began under Arnold (Bud) Ihlen, who at the time was the philosophy teacher at Energy Lake Studios and introduced Brian and Terry to the I – Ching ( Yi Jing, Book of Changes). To this day, Terry is very appreciative of Mr. Ihlen’s early teachings/contributions and continues to remain in contact with him.

After leaving Brian Leishman’s Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios, Terry co-founded and opened Beyond Kung Fu Studios and founded Chung Fu Martial Arts and Mediation School. Hodgkinson Sifu then trained with other teachers in a variety of different styles and countries of the world. You can see a list here. 

Kempo/Kenpo Lineage Continued:

♦ Terry J. Hodgkinson Sifu founder of Chung Fu Martial Arts trained with Master Brian Kevin Leishman

♦ Master Brian K. Leishmen founder of Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios trained with Grandmaster Olaf Simon's Temple Kung Fu Studios in Edmonton, Canada under Master Phil McAndrews. Leishman excelled in the art and skill of biomechanics (form), he also had a solid grasp on combative principles. At the height of his success, before its collapse, he had 10 franchised Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios across Canada and two national training centres; one in Canmore, Alberta and the other in Kaslo, British Colombia.

Grandmaster Olaf Simon is the founder of the Moh Pai Kempo Kung Fu System and at one time had multiple schools in Canada and the United States. Grandmaster Simon had an association and cross trained with several Chinese Kung Fu stylists living in Canada including Stan Lee (Hung Gar, Wing Chun), Frank Lee (White Crane), Mark Chan (Hung Gar, Five Animal Sil Lum). Simon's first training and business partner was Margitte Hilbig. Master Hilbig was the first woman to earn the rank of black belt in Canada. Both Master Hilbig and Master Simon became affiliated with and cross trained with Grandmaster Ed Parker from the United States. The foundation of Simon's teaching curriculum was from Ed Parker's Kenpo system.

♦ Grandmaster Ed Parker known as the founder of American Kenpo, was taught by Professor William Chow. Ed Parker brought the art to California from Hawaii calling it American Kenpo

Grandmaster William (Kwai Sun) Chow learned from Grandmaster James Mitose. To Chow Kenpo was a war art.  It was pure Martial Arts. He would never compromise. He understood there is no sport in a street fight. He had been in too many.  There are no rules, no referees, and no time out. The rules of self-defense techniques:  simple, direct, fast, powerful and effective. Shortly before his death he renamed his system Kara Ho Kenpo, so that no one would forget that his art Kenpo, originated from China.

Grandmaster Master James (Masayoshi) Mitose brought the art from Japan to Hawaii in the U.S. to be shared for the first time outside his family’s lineage. James Mitose was the 21st Grandmaster under Zeno Yoshida's Kosho ryu Kenpo system.

Grandmaster Zenko Yoshida (1232 to 1297) gave the style it’s name “ Kosho ryu Kenpo” and became the first Grandmaster. The Yoshida’s were warlords (bushi) and were part of the Japanese culture and civilization for over 800 years. So along with embracing the Rinzai sect of Buddhism the Yoshida’s would embrace the Martial Arts of the Shaolin Temple: Kenpo/Kempo/Kosho.

"I come to you with only open hands,

other weapons, I have not.

But should Right or Honor require it

My hands will bear me out."

YOSHIDA Creed 1232 AD

Chinese monks - brought Shaolin Chuan Fa (Kenpo in Japanese) to the Okinawa Island where it mixed with the indigenous art of Okinawa called TI. It then became known as TODI meaning, "Chinese Hand" came into existence and would later become known as Okinawan Karate. it made its way to Japan where it was nurtured, spawned into a variety of different styles and handed down through generations of masters.

Shaolin Temple in Hunan, China is where Kenpo's (Chuan Fa) lineage derived from.

NOTE: Information has been complied through Terry J. Hodgkinson personal experience, personal research as well as in collaboration with other martial arts family related, long time teachers. Special acknowledgment goes to:

Master Trevor Higgs whom I've had the honour and pleasure of conversing with frequently. Maser Higgs trained directly under Grandmasters Magritte Hilbig and Olaf Simon.

Head Instructor Christian Charlton of Zen Tiger Martial Arts for his extensive research and personal experience with Grandmaster Olaf Simon. It's always a pleasure to speak with Mr. Charlton regarding the training and lineage.

Grandmaster Michael J. Persons of Seven Winds Kenpo for his personal experience with Grandmaster Ed Parker as well as his impressive research that includes a number of generations all the way back to Grandmaster Zenko Yoshida in Kenpo.



Energy Lake Kung Fu Days

In this picture I was the district manager and head instructor of eventually eight schools in the GTA. From left to right: Majid Varasteh, Manny Cunanan, Julio Costa, Terry Hodgkinson, Bayani Pastrana, Danny occhito, Bernard Vidad.

Energy Lake Kung Fu Days

In my early twenties, instructor and the assistant manager of the Royal York Road School. Behind me you see candle racks with the 64 Chinese symbols from the I - Ching or Book of Changes. The symbol that has the lit candle is number 52, Ken / Keeping Still, Mountain.

Thien Mu Pagoda Temple, Vietnam

Training at this temple during my month long motorcycle ride excursion from one end of Vietnam to the other. The only time in my history where I grew a beard.

Beyond Kung Fu Studios

Training with the Broadsword at my school in Meadowvale

Qiongzhu or Bamboo Temple in Kunming, China

Training at this beautiful temple in China made me feel that I had at some other time been here before

Qiongzhu or Bamboo Temple in Kunming, China

Training at this beautiful temple in China

Qiongzhu or Bamboo Temple in Kunming, China

Training at this beautiful temple in China

Shaolin Temple, China

One of my dreams come true was spending time and demonstrating at the legendary Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple, China

Practicing down the stairs inside the legendary Shaolin Temple in China

Some Great Students at my Beyond Kung Fu Martial Arts School

It's always a pleasure training kids and helping them acquire valuable life skills


Meditation is equally as important as the physical training in martial arts. Without control over the mind the body will manifest a sloppy performance.

Stretch It Out

Regained my lost flexibly and was able to do the splits again in 2013

Keep stretching at Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation Terry Hodgkinson Sifu

Stretch It Out

Flexibly maintained at 50 years of age 2017

Just For Kicks

It's not important to kick high for effective self defence skills but it looks good

Women's Assault Prevention Introductory Seminar

Teaching ladies how to use some basic but effective self defence techniques

Thien Mu Pagoda Temple, Vietnam

Training at this temple during my month long motorcycle ride excursion from one end of Vietnam to the other. The only time in my history where I grew a beard.

Quan Cong Chinese Temple, Hoi An, Vietnam

Another beautiful temple to train at in Vietnam and still sporting my scruffy beard

Sifu Jerry Boxer's School in Ko Chang, Thailand

I trained with Sifu Jerry for quite a few years before he passed away from an unsuspecting illness in November of 2011

Painting by Sensei Ed Parker Jr.

Thanks to my good friend Ed Parker Jr. Sensei for this wonderful painting of me

Bodh Gaya, India - Where the Buddha Achieved Enlightenment

While one does not have to go to India or the exact same place the Buddha did, it sure was special to be there meditating.

Escrima Training

Weapons training


Weapons training

Rank Testing

Student passes her grading test

Bo Staff Training

The tool/weapon I have studied the most with in martial arts

Broadsword Training

Weapons training

Take Down

Demonstrating how to take the roots out from an opponent

Joint Lock

Demonstrating how to use a wrist joint lock

Arm Bar


Sufi Sam Okonski

Learned Sufi whirling meditation from my friend and teacher in India, affectionally known as Sufi Sam.

Rank Testing

Student passes her grading test

Women's Assault Prevention Training

How to use the palm strike properly

Dynamic Simulation Training

With this protective suit ladies are encouraged to hit as hard as they can and test out their skills for effectiveness

Dynamic Simulation Training

Young girl hits for real in this simulation. Good thing I have protection.

Corporate Seminars

With my martial arts, meditation and NLP training I'm often asked to lead seminars for various companies. Here I demonstrate the mindset needed to break through solid concrete.

Sensei Bodhi Hanna Kistner

My Zen archery teacher who is 87 years young - lives and teaches in India and Hawaii

The Top of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Training in Cambodia

Qiongzhu or Bamboo Temple in Kunming, China

Training at this beautiful temple in China

Energy Lake Kung Fu Days

Training in traditional temple garb

Energy Lake Kung Fu Days

From left to right: Julio Costa, Satyen Raja, Terry Hodgkinson, Manny Cunanan and Bayani Pastrana

That Look After a Great Training Session

Training at Sifu Gerry Boxer's school in Thailand

Sifu Jerry Boxer in Thailand

I trained with Sifu Jerry whenever I was in Thailand, before he passed away from an unsuspecting illness.

Sifu Raj Anand

Training with my Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher in Pune, India

Sifu Terry Hodgkinson's Published Book 2009

Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja - Walking the Path of Enlightenment

24 Hour Martial Arts Endurathon

Once a year for a number of years we would have any student who wanted to help us raise money for charity take part in a 24 hour training session. Yes there were breaks.

Sifu Jerry Boxer in, Thailand

Sifu Jerry demonstrating the skills he learned while living in China for many years

Guru Makoto Kabayama

Makoto is an excellent long time teacher in Jeet Kun Do and I've enjoyed his instruction over the years

Sifu Brian Leishman

Brian was the founder and head teacher at Energy Lake Kung Fu Studios

Grandmaster Olaf Simon

Brian Leishman (my combatives teacher at Energy Lake Kung fu) was trained in Grand Master Olaf Simon's Kung Fu schools. At one time Grand Master Simon held the world record for breaking the most ice. In the second picture you see Chuck Norris, Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr. and (Women unknown) Grandmaster Olaf Simon. Olaf Simon crossed trained in Grandmaster Ed Parker's Kenpo system and ended up calling his style Moh Kempo. Brian Leishman decided not to use the same name but his teachings are strongly attributed to the Moh Kempo lineage.

Chi Zhang one of my Sifus' on Wudang Mountain in China

Chi or Andy as he likes to be called excels at a number of Taoist Kung Fu styles. he is also the 26th Generation Master of Dragon Gate Taoism Wudang Kung Fu. 

Training Dr. Patrick Porter to Defend the Great Wall

On a trip where I took 12 students to train in the Taoist Wudang mountains, here is my friend Patrick Porter showing off some of his moves on the Great Wall of China. 

Meditating on Taoist Wudang Mountain, China 

Lot's of energy on Mount Wudang!

Training Kung Fu in Wudang, China 

I love training at the different Taoist temples on Wudang. This temple is called the Purple Heaven Palace. 

Zen Archery with Sensei Bodhihanna in India 

So thankful for having so many great teachers around the world. Here I am with my good friend Paul Condinho Sifu and our Zen archery Sensei in the middle Bodhihanna who is 87 years young. 

My Zen Archery Article Published in Italy 

An article I wrote on my Zen archery sensei was first published in India and then Italy

Having Fun on the Great Wall

A long time student and Sifu at my martial arts school Paul Condinho and me on in China

Taoist Hermit Master Jia

Master Jia is a Taoist Hermit sage who live in a cave on Wudang Mountain. Here me and the students I brought to Wudang mountain are lucky to chat with him.

Taoist Hermit Master Jia & Terry Hodgkinson Sifu

Ever since I was a young boy I wanted spend time with a Taoist master hermit who lived in a cave in China. I was lucky enough to do that on my last trip to Wudang mountain. 

Epic Dual at the Top of Wudang Mountain 

Ever As I climbed to the top of  Wudang mountain where the famous Golden Peak temple is, I was challenged to a dual of epic proportions. The little boy won! 🙂

The Group with Our Kung Fu Sifus' on Wudangshan

Students I took to Wudang Mountain for training with our Kung Fu teachers. Check out future retreats on www.TaoJourneys.com 

With my Teachers in Wudang 

With Zhang, Chi 张弛 and ZHANG, Fan 张帆 who are teachers at the oldest and most respected school on Wudang Mountain in China. Zhang Chi (to my left) is the 26 Generation Master of Dragon Gate Taoism Kung Fu.

Terry Hodgkinson Sifu at The Great Wall 

 December 2015

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