Terry Hodgkinson's Wudang Lineage


Terry Hodgkinson Shifu with his teachers on Wudang MountainTerry Hodgkinson Sifu's training in China started in 2001 when he first visited. Visiting and training in the city of Kunming, as well as near Zhengzhou close to the Shaolin Temple. He finally found a school where he wanted to study formally and the school is on Wudangshan (Mountain). Each year Terry returns back to Wudangshan to continue his studies in Qigong, Taiji, (Tai Chi), Yijing (I Ching) and Taoist philosophy.

Terry's main teacher on Wudangshan is Zhang Chi Shifu, who is the 26th Generation Master of the Dragon Gate Wudangshan Gung Fu (Kung Fu).


Terry Hodgkinson's teacher on Wudangshan

Zhang Chi Shfiu excels in Wudang Tai Chi Quan, Taiyi Wuxing Quan, Xuanwu Quan, Baji Quan, Whisk Quan, Bagua Quan, Xingyi Quan, Tai Chi Sword, Wuxing Qigong, Baduan Jin and Taoist-style health-preserving Qigong. Owing to years of assiduous practice at Wudang, instructions from masters and influence of the traditional Taoist culture, Andy develops a keen interest in the traditional Chinese culture, particularly with respect to the health-preserving methods that integrate the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Through constant learning, Andy endeavors to be accomplished with both the pen and the sword.


Master Hu is the revered philosophy teacher on Wudangshan. Terry Hodgkinson Shifu has studied the Yijing (I Ching) for a great many years and has been able to advance his studies with Master Hu each year.

Master Hu's wisdom comes from a great many years of Taoist and Yijing (I Ching) study. Master Hu is the long time teacher for many of the martial arts students and all the instructors at the school Terry Hodgkinson Shifu trains at each year on Wudanghshan.



Terry Hodgkinson with Wudant Taoist Master JiaMaster Jia is a jovial Taoist hermit who lives in a cave on Wudnagshan (mountain). Each year Terry visits and spends time learning from the wisdom he has gained in his quest to isolate himself from main society and seek the deeper truths and meaning of life. It's not often you can spend significant time, with a wise old Chinese Taoist master who lives in the clouds, high up in a mountain cave.


Terry Hodgkisnon with Master on Wudang Mountain

Wudangshan Master 

Master demonstrating his skill on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Terry Hodgkinson training on Wudang Mountain China

Terry Hodgkinson Shifu

At the top on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Training Kung Fu in Wudang, China 

I love training at the different Taoist temples on Wudang. This temple is called the Purple Heaven Palace. 

Training Wudang Mountain China Terry Hodgkinson Chung Fu

Shifu and Master Lay

Learning from Master Zhang Lei, Lay on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Taoist Hermit Master Jia

Master Jia is a Taoist Hermit sage who live in a cave on Wudang Mountain. Here me and the students I brought to Wudang mountain are lucky to chat with him.

Epic Dual at the Top of Wudang Mountain 

Ever As I climbed to the top of  Wudang mountain where the famous Golden Peak temple is, I was challenged to a dual of epic proportions. The little boy won! 🙂

Terry Hodgkinson Shifu and Sifus' with training group on Wudangshan

Students I took to Wudang Mountain for training with our Kung Fu teachers. Check out future retreats on www.TaoJourneys.com 

Terry Hodgkinson Shifu at The Great Wall 

 December 2015

Master Hu

Learning from a great sage of the Yijing (I Ching) on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Grandmaster of Gung Fu and My Friend

With one of the oldest, wise masters on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

I Ching studies with Master Hu Wudang Mountain

Master Hu

Learning from a great sage of the Yijing (I Ching) on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Terry Hodgkinson Great Wall of China

Terry Hodgkinson Shfiu

Training on the Great Wall of China

Terry Hodgkinson's teacher on Wudanshan

Zhang Chi Shifu

Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Zhong Chi training GungFu as a kid, Chung Fu Martial Arts

Zhang Chi Shifu

Terry Hodgkinson's Shifu when he was a kid and training

Terry Hodgkinson's Shifu and his Shifu

Zhang Chi Shifu

With his Shifu on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Training in the temples of Wudangshan Chung Fu Martial Arts

Wudangshan Purple Heaven Temple

Training on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Terry Hodgkinson Shifu

Training  on Wudangshan (Mountain), China

Terry Hodgkinson Shifu at Shaolin Temple, China

Practicing down the stairs inside the legendary Shaolin Temple in China

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